May 2010

UK Unemployment Increases Again

New statistics issued by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have revealed that UK unemployment rose by a further 53,000 in the first quarter of 2010, pushing the number of unemployed to its highest level since 1994. The statistics also revealed that the unemployment rate was up 0.2% on the quarter, bucking the recent trend.

Recession Takes Toll On UK's Wellbeing

Research carried out by mental health charity Mind, has revealed compelling evidence that the recent global economic downturn had a serious impact on the wellbeing of British workers.

According to the research, 10% of workers had visited their GP due to stress caused by the recession whilst 7% have started taking antidepressants.

Staggeringly, the research also revealed that more than one in five workers have developed depression at some point during their careers.

Third Edition Of Money Diaries Educational Initiative Launches

We’ve teamed-up with a trio of talented high school pupils to publish an innovative money guide for students who are planning to go to university, as part of our educational Money Diaries project.

The pupils, who are from Southlands High School in Lancashire, have now created the third publication in our Money Diaries series - focusing on the financial challenges of going to university.

How Will Parliament Hang With UK Consumer Debt?

With the UK preparing for its first hung parliament in over 35 years and with individual insolvencies reaching an all-time high, we're asking whether consumer debt is high enough on the political agenda and how the Government is going to tackle the growing consumer debt crisis.

Previous attempts by Government to tackle consumer debt have been branded a failure, with an official National Audit Office report published last month highlighting a lack of management by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Consumer Debt Time-Bomb Ticks In The Countdown To The Election

As we count down to the UK’s general election, it is important to look at how the political parties intend to tackle the consumer debt crisis and what impact new leadership could have.

With one-in-ten British residents struggling to manage their credit commitments and personal debt now standing at around £1,500 billion, addressing the problem is essential in the recovery of the economy.