February 2014

Is numeracy a thing of the past?

More than half of young teenagers risk being cheated out of their change – or the best value on the shelf – because they can’t do the necessary mental arithmetic when they are shopping. 

That’s the conclusion of a survey of 2000 Year 8 and 9 pupils, which asked them how much change they would expect to receive from £100 if they spent £64.23.

Just 48 per cent got the answer right – and 26 per cent were more than £1 out in their answer.

Who wants to be a (debt) millionaire?

Debt collection is one of those industries that no-one ever thinks about - until of course you miss repayments and suddenly they are on the phone.  Who are they?  How do they operate? Who runs them? Do they make a profit?

The answer to the last question is – many of them do, and handsomely in some cases.

Self employed numbers up, but income in long-term decline

A new report looking at the fortunes of self-employed people suggests one possible reason why, despite improvements in the national economy, many people are still struggling.

The study shows that over the past 12 years, the income of someone who was self-employed and earning less than £100k had dropped by 31 per cent.   And the total amount of self-employed earnings as a percentage of our Gross Domestic Product has dropped from almost 11 per cent to almost 8.5 per cent, despite a rise in the number of self-employed people.