Debt Advice Foundation calls for financial education in primary schools to halt rising consumer debt

As a leading debt charity, we believe that financial education needs to become a national priority to stem the tide of rising consumer debt. 

Why can’t I get a 0% interest credit card?

Are you trying to move your credit debt over to a 0% credit card with no luck? There could be one factor that you’ve not taken into consideration: whether you’re registered to vote.

Wesham School discusses benefits of financial education

We visited Medlar with Wesham Church of England Primary School near Kirkham, who recently became a DebtAware Accredited Money Management School

The materials used in the programme have all been created by secondary school aged children, and include diaries, films, PowerPoint presentations, badges and quizzes. To gain accreditation, schools have to meet stringent requirements and prove that the programme is fully embedded in their teaching. 

What are the financial benefits to being married?

If you got engaged on Valentine’s Day, you may now be wondering if there are more benefits to getting married or in a civil partnership than a big knees-up.

Top 10 free things to do this February half term

No one likes the February half term. Everyone is still recovering financially from Christmas and it’s freezing, meaning the usual free outdoorsy activities seem very unappealing (though we have included some, everyone needs a bit of fresh air we’re told.) 


If you’re trying to keep a lid on costs this half-term, but can’t bear the prospect of a cranky, bored family, take a look at our top ten free activities for you to try this year;


Valentine’s Day: Is it worth the splurge?

Now is about the time that people’s minds turn away from Santa and snow and turn towards the most love-obsessed day of the year: Valentine’s Day. 

However true devotion isn’t necessarily the name of the game. Like many celebrated holidays, pressure to show off extravagant and expensive gifts given and received is high on February 14th.

Spotlight on…Justine McGinnis, Assistant Manager of Debt Advice Foundation’s Contact Centre

What is your role at Debt Advice Foundation?
“I’m a Debt Advisor and also Assistant Manager for the Contact Centre.”

Consumer borrowing is at highest rate in a decade

The amount of money that the British public is borrowing is growing at a pace not seen since before the financial crisis in 2008. 

Figures show consumer credit rose by 8.3% in the year to November, with an increase on borrowing on credit cards up by £411m according to Bank of England figures.

Annual real term wages worth £2,270 less than in 2008

Despite 2014-2015 seeing the first real term wage increase for several years, with the average annual wage increasing in real terms by £435 per annum across most of the UK, the TUC says that UK workers are still £44 a week worse off now than they were before the economic crisis. 

Facing the financial facts on the 'most depressing day of the year' as Blue Monday approaches

January is one of the busiest times of the year for Debt Advice charities. At Debt Advice Foundation, calls to the charity’s helpline almost double in January in comparison to December. 

All the bills that were there before Christmas are still there, but now there are some new ones; recent BarclayCard research revealed that consumer spending rose by 4% in December in comparison to last year.