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Free, impartial debt advice from a national UK debt charity

Debt Advice Foundation is a registered national debt advice and education charity offering free, confidential support and advice to anyone worried about loans, credit and debt. Because we're a debt charity, you can be sure that the advice we provide is impartial and based solely on what is best for you.

If you have a debt problem, Debt Advice Foundation can help you understand which options are available to you and will recommend the debt solution that is right for your situation. Our aim is to help you regain control of your finances by:

  • Reducing monthly repayments to a realistic and affordable level
  • Stopping creditors taking enforcement action against you
  • Protecting important assets such as your home

If you are struggling to keep up with credit card, loan or debt consolidation repayments, have arrears or are facing legal action from lenders as a result of being unable to repay your unsecured or secured debts, our debt helpline advisors are standing by waiting to help.


We advise on the full range of debt solutions including Bankruptcy, Debt Relief Orders, Free Debt Management Plans, IVAs, Trust Deeds, LILAs, Debt Arrangement Scheme, Administration Orders and Debt Consolidation.

If you require debt help or you need to talk to someone in confidence about your options, there's no need to wait or book an appointment, our free debt advice helpline is open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm on 0800 292 20 77.

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Get Free Support And Advice Debt Help

Debt Advice Foundation is a registered debt charity (1095705) and has a consumer credit license (0628156).

The charity is a member of AdviceUK, the UK's largest support network for free, independent advice centres and all of the charity's advisors are associate members of the Institute of Money Advisors, a charitable body that aims to promote free money advice and develop professional standards.

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Debt Education

As well as providing free debt advice and support to those that need help today, we also aim to prevent future debt problems through our research and financial education initiatives in UK schools (Money Diaries).


The Money Diaries series of education guides for children has been awarded the PFEG quality mark, which shows that they have met the PFEG quality standards.


We have also launched the UK’s first dedicated Money Education Centre for children, which has been awarded PFEG’s Centre of Excellence accreditation.

* Our services are available to anyone worried about debt, no matter how serious they believe their debt problem is. We provide a wide range of advice and debt solutions and will only recommend the solution that is right for each individual's circumstances. This may be as simple as helping them to prioritise their debt payments or negotiate with their creditors through to more formal solutions that we can manage on their behalf.