Why has Debt Advice Foundation changed its charity registration number?

There are a number of different legal forms a charity can take. When it was first established in 2002, Debt Advice Foundation was registered as a charitable trust (1095705). Later the charity added a trading subsidiary so it could operate its free debt advice helpline (see Charity Commission - CC35; Trustees, trading and tax for more information on how a charity can lawfully trade).

Charity Commission guidance (see Charity Commission - Good Governance for charities; incorporating a charity) states that an incorporated charity structure may be more appropriate if the organisation is to be quite large, if it will have employees or if it will deliver charitable services under contractual agreements, all of which now apply to Debt Advice Foundation.

In addition, there has been a recent clarification to the VAT rules, which means the charity will be able to carry out its objects more effectively by registering as an incorporated charity.

As a result, the Trustees decided to change the registered status of the charity accordingly.

This change, which brings Debt Advice Foundation into line with other national debt advice charities, took place formally on 1st September 2012. Debt Advice Foundation's services, website, helpline numbers, financial arrangements and staff all remain exactly the same.

Our new charity registration number is 1148498.