Third Edition Of Money Diaries Educational Initiative Launches

We’ve teamed-up with a trio of talented high school pupils to publish an innovative money guide for students who are planning to go to university, as part of our educational Money Diaries project.

The pupils, who are from Southlands High School in Lancashire, have now created the third publication in our Money Diaries series - focusing on the financial challenges of going to university.

Aimed at high school pupils, the University Challenge Money Diaries tells the story of two students embarking on higher education - one handles their money well, whilst the other struggles with their finances - highlighting the impact finance and debt problems can have.

It has been researched, written and illustrated by Abigael Kirby, Ryan Dickinson and Rebecca Bradley, who are all in Year 11 at Southlands High School - and the fact that Money Diaries are created by school pupils gives them added appeal for youngsters.

As a debt charity, we are committed to educating the younger generation about money management to help them avoid the pitfalls of debt in the future. Debt Advice Foundation would like to thank the school and the pupils for their hard work and ongoing support with the Money Diaries initiative, which has recieved praise from the Education Secretary.

Three issues are available to download from our education section - aimed at upper junior, lower secondary and middle secondary level.

Schools who wish to order hardcopies of the books should email