Money Diaries Schoolchildren Interview Meryvn King And Robert Peston

Last week pupils from Southlands High School met with the Governor of the Bank of England, as part of our Money Diaries education initiative.

Chairman of Debt Advice Foundation, Dennis Benson, accompanied a team of students to London to meet a number of financial experts - to discuss the provision of financial education in schools and help the pupils get a better understanding of why the UK's debt crisis happened.

We have an ongoing partnership with the school and have worked together to publish a series of 'Money Diaries' books to help school pupils learn about financial matters.

Brian Souter, Deputy Head Teacher at Southlands High School, explains: "Money management is an important life skill, but as yet there is no compulsory financial education syllabus for schools. The Money Diaries books are written by young people, for young people - to increase financial awareness and understanding."

Three of Southlands' Year 10 students - Alex Mellor, Emma Taylor and Sarah Fendor interviewed well-known financial figures, including Mervyn King - the Governor of the Bank of England, and the BBC's Business Editor, Robert Peston - to research a new publication, which will explain the reasons why the UK's financial crisis occurred.

As a debt charity we are campaigning for better financial education in schools and the Money Diaries initiative is highlighting the appetite the younger generation have for financial learning.

The Money Diaries publications can be downloaded from the education section of our website. The next issue is due to be published later this year.

Robert Peston with children

Clockwise from left to right, Ryan Dickinson, Robert Peston, Alex Mellor
Sarah Fendor and Emma Taylor

Mervyn King with children

Clockwise from left to right, Emma Taylor, Alex Mellor, Mervyn King
Ryan Dickinson and Sarah Fendor