DAF Couple Shares Story With The Nation

We were very pleased to see one of the many thousands of couples we’ve helped this year sharing their experience of what it’s like to be in debt with The Sun readers. Hopefully Kate and Barry Pritchard’s story will inspire more people that are struggling with debt to come forward and seek help.

The Pritchard’s is a familiar story, with the family struggling to meet their monthly credit commitments once Kate fell pregnant and Barry was made redundant. Kate provides an insight into the reality of living with a debt problem “Everything became scary” … “There were constant letters and phone calls and drama. To the outside world we looked happy, but really we were going under.” With their debt spiraling out of control, the couple’s relationship started to feel the strain. Kate said “It had a massive effect on our marriage and we nearly divorced. There were constant rows. It's incredible what debt does to a relationship”.

Barry added “Since the IVA, things have been better. The Debt Advice Foundation helped us get things straight. Ultimately, debt can happen to anyone”.

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