MBNA Told To Improve Communication With Customers In Debt

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has investigated MBNA over its treatment of financially impaired customers.  Concerns about how the company had been treating those struggling to keep up with repayments had initially been raised with the OFT by the Citizens Advice Bureau. The investigation found that MBNA were not only unclear in their communications as to whether an offer of reduced payments had been accepted but would also routinely bypassed the client’s debt advice representatives that were acting on their behalf.

MBNA announcedthat from January, it will inform customers whether their offer has been accepted or declined in an easy to understand letter.  The lender also agreed that it would contact the debt advisory service acting on behalf of the customers.

A spokesman from the MBNA said “As a result of ongoing dialogue with the OFT we have agreed to deliver greater transparency in some of the communications we have with our customers in financial difficulties.”

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