CAB Debt Advisors Have Temporary Respite From Cuts

The Government has announced £27m of emergency funding to enable 500 Citizens Advice Bureau advisors across the UK to continue in their jobs for another 12 months.  The move comes in response to strong criticism of Government's decision to end the Financial Inclusion Fund, which had funded the advisors since 2006.

Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Mark Hoban, said "Effective debt advice can be the first step towards regaining control of your finances. It can also help people to make the most of their money in the future and avoid unsustainable debts."

David Rodger, Managing Director of the Debt Advice Foundation welcomed the news saying "This is great news for the sector, not least because Citizens Advice accounts for 70% the UK's Debt Relief Order resource.  The challenge now is for Government to find new ways for the sector to fund so the CAB isn't left exposed again in twelve months time".

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