Debt Advice Foundation Helps The Sun's Readers

With payday loans very much in the national spotlight at present, The Sun’s SunWoman section put together a comprehensive article demonstrating just how quickly this type of credit can spiral into unmanageable debt.

SunWoman also wanted to offer their readers a dedicated helpline on the day, which is how two members of Debt Advice Foundation team found themselves in the midst of the Sun’s editorial floor, fielding calls from Sun readers on what turned out to be a wide range of debt issues.

As always, it was so sad to hear the desperate stories from people who didn't know which way to turn.  However, our advisers were able to reassure them and help them focus on their immediate priorities as well as showing them how to deal with their creditors.

With the payday loan market growing rapidly and with the longer term effects on consumer over-indebtedness still unknown, this story is unlikely to go away any time soon. Watch out for further campaigning and advice from The Sun and Debt Advice Foundation in the coming months.