“Drunk in charge of a keyboard” – survey reveals risks of online shopping under the influence

The UK has taken to online retail like no other nation in the world.  And now a survey suggests that one in four shoppers has clicked on “buy” while drunk – with two out of five later regretting the purchase.

 People questioned for the survey admitted that online shopping was putting them at a higher risk of getting into debt. 

More than 60 per cent said that they regularly spent more than they planned when shopping online.  On average, internet shopping accounted for more than £500 of extra spending; one in ten spent more than £200 on something they later regretted buying.

The survey, carried out by broadbandchoices.co.uk, suggested that online auction sites also presented a high risk of overspending, with more than a third of respondents says that they had bid more than planned for an item.

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