Wesham School discusses benefits of financial education

We visited Medlar with Wesham Church of England Primary School near Kirkham, who recently became a DebtAware Accredited Money Management School

The materials used in the programme have all been created by secondary school aged children, and include diaries, films, PowerPoint presentations, badges and quizzes. To gain accreditation, schools have to meet stringent requirements and prove that the programme is fully embedded in their teaching. 
Headteacher Mrs Astbury, spoke of the programme and the benefits it had provided for the children;
“The excellent resources that have been developed by High School children for use in our school have had a real impact on learning. Our pupils relate to this material – the booklets with true to life stories and the video clips – because they see young adults, like themselves, talking about some very grown up issues in a way that they understand.”
Keen to develop the children’s understanding of maths, the school originally implemented the programme to allow them to apply their mathematical knowledge in ‘true to life’ financial circumstances and prepare them for the future. 
“The DebtAware programme has allowed my school to add another level of readiness for the adventures which now await our pupils in Year 7 and beyond. It is now our hope that the children who leave our care are confident, well rounded and happy individuals, who have a sound working knowledge of importance of money in their lives.” Mrs Astbury.
The programme uses peer-to-peer learning, meaning that selected children are trained by DebtAware before teaching the lesson to their classmates. Pupil Poppy, aged 11, said of being a Money Mentor; 
“I love teaching the lessons. You get to be the teacher and then you can help people if they don’t understand. I used to be a bit nervous when I had to speak in front of the class but this has made me more confident.”