Reasons to avoid Black Friday

We all remember the scenes from years’ past; huge queues and shoppers wrestling TV’s from each other’s white-knuckled grips in the frenzy that was Black Friday

Living up to its rather ominous name, the effect was such that some retailers bowed out gracefully, whilst others spread their sales out over several days or weeks.
However the reminder emails have started again in earnest and Christmas spenders are counting down the days until they can grab a bargain. But is everything as it seems? 
According to a report from Which? on last year’s deals, it seems there may be some sound financial reasons to avoid Black Friday altogether.  
Which? claims some major retailers may have sold some of last year's sale gadgets and appliances at lower prices in the weeks before and after Black Friday.
12% of the deals were more expensive on Black Friday than they had been in the three months leading up to the event - and 38% could have been found at a lower price in the two months which followed.
It’s a good idea to make a very specific list of required Christmas gifts. Research all the prices before Black Friday so if the sale isn’t what you hoped, you don’t splurge due to sales fever. Also make sure you compare sites and retailers- just because it’s on “sale” in one place doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the cheapest you can get it. 
It’s not all about money either. Financial blogger Jenni Hill from Can’t Swing a Cat highlights the reasons why she hates Black Friday.
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