Where can I get bankruptcy information?

There are a number of trusted bankruptcy information sources in the UK, depending on your circumstances some may be more suitable than others.

  • If you are unsure whether Bankruptcy is the right solution for you and you would like advice about your options, you can call Debt Advice Foundation’s confidential debt advice helpline to speak with one of our specialist advisors.
  • If you have already considered all of the alternatives to Bankruptcy (such as an IVADebt Management and Debt Relief Order) and you are sure that you wish to proceed then the Gov.uk website is a useful practical resource where you can complete your Bankruptcy petition forms online.
  • If you require specific bankruptcy information then you’ll find a large resource of Bankruptcy FAQs on this website.

For more Bankruptcy information and whether it is suitable for your situation in our Bankruptcy section.

Debt Advice Foundation is a registered UK charity offering free, confidential support and advice on any aspect of debt, including Bankruptcy. If you need to talk to someone about Bankruptcy or would like to discuss the alternatives, please call 0800 043 40 50 to speak to an adviser.