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What if I fail to make County Court Judgement repayments?


If you are asked to pay more than you think you can afford, either because a Judgement by default was issued or because the court believed you could pay more then you are entitled to asked for a redetermination (reappraisal), no more than 14 days after the Judgement has been made.

If you fail to maintain the payments set out in your CCJ then the claimant will be given access to much more severe forms of enforcement actions including:

  • Instructing bailiffs to take goods of equal value to the amount you owe from your home.
  • Asking the court for an attachment of earnings, which means taking repayments directly from your wages.
  • Ask the court to put a charging order on your property (this converts an unsecured debt into a secured debt, which gives the creditor priority access to any available surplus on sale of your property).
  • Petitioning for your Bankruptcy.

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