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Debt Advice Foundation Reviews

On this page, you’ll find genuine reviews from people that have called the charity for debt advice.

If you’ve called the charity’s debt advice helpline and would like to share your experience with others, please visit our helpline feedback section.


I called to ask for advice regarding my ever increasing mortgage payments and to complete a financial statement of my income and expenditure so that I can better manage my budget and look at solutions to my current situation.

I find that the advice that Stephen gave me and his manner was extremely supportive. I feel a lot more focussed now.

This is the second time that I have received advice from Stephen (the first for debt management) and I was happy to inform him that I had taken his previous advice very seriously and that I have not accrued any further debt since he helped me to settle all of my affairs some two years ago.

Sara-Jane, July 2023


I became ill and had to stop working and sadly couldn’t pay my credit cards.

I was given advice by Carl and eventually my debts were written off.

Carl really supported me at a very stressful time and I would recommend this organisation to anyone in a similar situation.

Many thanks.

David, May 2023


I was in need of help putting it of and burying my head in the sand. It was such a relief to receive the help and understanding… thanku.

Dawn, May 2023


I called Because I was totally overwhelmed with shame and anxiety due to my debt.

I got in touch 3 years ago with Stephen and he has been quite literally a saviour. His calmness and assurance cultivates hope even despite the hopelessness of the situation.

Keep going guys, you’re worth your weight in gold.

Thank you so much

Andrew, March 2023


Amazing people, helped with everything very nice people to speak to 100% would recommend.

Charlotte, February 2023


Justine was absolutely fantastic when I needed to get a DRO last year. She continues to be incredibly helpful and informative when I have questions about my credit report and how to deal with queries that pop up. She always explains things in a really clear way and I come away knowing exactly what steps I need to take next. I can’t thank Justine enough.

Sarah, February 2023


Stephen was very very helpful and has been a huge huge part in lessening the stress we are currently under.

Mehdi, January 2023


What a wonderful service – your help for one of our clients was so well structured, supportive, and clear – thank you.

Chris, January 2023


I let my credit card debt spiral out of control. After speaking to Stephen I feel like I have help and can find a solution to my crippling worries. I can’t recommend him enough. He is empathetic but clearly explained my situation and solutions.

Rachel, November 2022


Justine – Very polite and helpful person, happy to talk to her. Thank you

Justyna, November 2022


I had not managed my finances very well and had run into debt including mortgage arrears. The advisor patiently listen to the details of my issues, took notes and provided me with advise to help to consider what I need to do going forward.

Mark, November 2022


Carl was very helpful and professional..clear speaking and made sure I understood.. super call handler and a credit to your team.

David, October 2022


I called for my gas and electricity debt and the advisers were able to help me understand what I can do.

Sayed, September 2022


Advisor was very helpful and knowledgeable in the information he gave.

Linda, September 2022


Initially I contacted debt advice foundation to help me come to solution for addressing my debt and seek advise on the best for me and I’m household.

Andre, September 2022


I called to find out what my options are with my debt and Stephen was very helpful by explaining it with judging my circumstance.

Mohamed, July 2022


Was extremely anxious about reaching out at all, Martin was so kind and helpful the whole process was straightforward.

Leanne, June 2022


Because I was in a dark place with debt hanging over me Woth bailiffs etc Justine calmed me and talked me through everything she was understanding and empathetic I can’t thank her enough already.

Alexandra, May 2022


Needed some advice for my credit card debt and the advisor was absolutely phenomenal! Learned so much about how to handle my money better. A true gem!

Anna, April 2022


Contacted your services as I felt very consumed and overwhelmed by debt with no idea of how to start tackling it. I spoke to Stephen Handley who I explained to I was very anxious and he really went above and beyond to help explain everything to me and take the time so I really understood my options & felt a lot less scared to speak to my creditors & actual start to tackle my debts.

Gemma, March 2022


I am dealing with crippling debt issues. Talking to the advisor lifted a massive weight off my shoulder. The problem is not over, but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Hard to express how grateful I am for the service you provide.

Laszlo, March 2022


Have debt worries Justine is very helpful and understanding gave me great advice lovely advisor put me at ease.

Debbie, February 2022


I needed to have a budget plan which was demanded from Discretionary Housing for them to process my claim. I explained this to Stephen Handley and he dealt with it straight away for me, I have already received the information he compiled and hopefully it will help me with my claim. Brilliant service.

Sharon, October 2021


I called because I lost my job and couldn’t afford to make the repayments on my loans, the adviser’s were fantastic very knowledgeable and helpful.

Robert, August 2021


I have spoken to Justine a handful of times over the past year or so and today made the decision to go ahead with a Debt Relief Order. I really appreciated how Justine was completely non-judgemental and very matter-of-fact about what the options were. It was refreshing to be treated so kindly and respectfully on a matter that can carry so much shame and elicit negative responses from so many.

Sarah, August 2021


My loan debt that I held with the Cooperative Bank was passed onto Westcot Credit Services as I could not make repayments due to Covid. I needed advice on how to proceed with budgeting and how to communicate with Westcot. Lauren advised me step by step and went through my budget and expenses and told me of all options I could consider, she informed me of CASHflow and is continuing to support me through the next steps. She was excellent.

Lala, May 2021


Great service received from Lauren very attentive and informative

Ijeme, April 2021


I was very concerned about being out of work for a year due to Covid 19 and my debts were mounting. Someone told me about debt advice charities so I Googled several and am very happy I chose DAF, my conversations with Carl were really helpful, he was very polite and kind and genuine. Excellent.

Rebecca, March 2021


My debt is manageable and my monthly payments are affordable, however I had some questions around consolidating them to bring down my monthly payments and also buy a car. I was considering a long term secured loan but would have been paying an extortionate amount back. The person I spoke with agreed with me that it wasn’t the best option and helped me to see that my best option is to finish paying off these debts and have them paid off within a few years as opposed to having a big 15 year debt. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time to run through all my outgoings and for confirming for me what the best course of action is!

Kirsty, March 2021


I was calling about my how to manage my debt. I spoke with Stephen Handley who was a God-send. This is mainly because not only did he give me professional unbiased advice but he never rushed me and was happy to speak with me and answer every one of my many questions. I ended up speaking to him on 3-4 occasions, each about an hour at a time. As a result, I was able to make an informed decision and have the time to prepare and organise my documentation.

Robyn, February 2021


I have been made redundant and have some creditors which I am struggling to pay as the payments fall due. I spoke to an initial assessor which collated the data. Then I spoke to a wonderful person from the review team, Justine McGinnis, whom I found very helpful, knowledgeable, patient, understanding and ultimately gave excellent advice. To be recommended, very highly indeed, if you fall on hard times, need some guidance and advice and need someone to whom to turn when you feel a bit overwhelmed. Excellent service. Thank you.

Shaun, January 2021


I called about advice on how to handle a credit card debt as was causing me great anxiety. Steve was able to provide me calmly with knowledge, information, options and possible solutions that I was able to process, consider and make decisions upon. He was incredibly helpful and supportive and even called to follow up a couple of months after we last spoke!

Sheryl, January 2021


Compared to a number of other organisations who were not helpful, the advise from Martin was clear, concise and very useful. Martin was able to talk calmly and that relieved a lot of the depression I was feeling (and had been for a long time). Previous advice was so poor it sent me into a very poor credit rating which compared to people I know who are still under bankruptcy rules.

Tony, January 2021


I called DAF after my income dropped severely due to the Covid-19 epidemic. We were no longer able to service our debts. Stephen Handley was very helpful and had given us a way forward that will help us keep our head above water until our situation changes. Thank you.

Matt, October 2020


I rang due to my husband and I being in a constant cycle of debt which was getting us both down. I wanted some advice with how we could deal with this. I spoke to Martyn and he was very helpful and patient. He talked me through the best way they could help us and we went through a statement of affairs which really allowed me to see how much as a family we do spend and why we are finding it hard to get out of the cycle we are currently in. A big thank you for all your help! It is a relief to both of us that we can finally breathe and see a way out.

Kathryn, October 2020


Steve was very knowledgable regarding my difficult situation and was very professional and came across as someone who really cared.

Paul, August 2020


I was at a loose end, no where to turn, after trying the “lender” direct and then a few other places I was getting no where, I suffer really bad at the moment with PTSD and I was starting to lose hope, I simply am blown away by the help that I got today, a really awesome time and a massive thanks to Martyn, really went out his way, I can maybe get a good nights sleep tonight.

Wayne, July 2020


I was referred through stepchange regarding my DRO being revoked .you gave me information and was very helpful with information in going forward with sorting my debts out,at present I have a lovely lady (Justine) helping me through another difficult time as having my order revoked them seeking a suitable process,many thanks

Debbie, April 2020


From initial contact the approach and guidance I received was of the highest order. Having spoken at length with Martyn for 3 hours over 2 days we have an agreed way forward and follow up review booked. Very grateful

Peter, April 2020


Myself and my wife rang as we have money debts and were very worried. The adviser caller Martyn was friendly and very thorough and gave us advice we can trust.we cant thank him enough. He is a credit to your company.

Martin, March 2020


I spoke with your Debt Advisor Martyn Who I have to say is one of the most patient, polite, friendly and extremley helpful gentleman I have dealt with. He made me feel at ease and I found it very easy to talk to him. He gave me two options the IVA which is the option I am hoping to go for. The other being a Debt Management Plan if the IVA is not accepted. He also explained that I should open a new basic bank account as one of my debts is with my current bank. I have take Martyn’s advice and opened a basic bank account with Barclays. He explained everything clearly and precisely. I look forward to speaking to Martyn again. I really cannot thank Martin enough. I feel Martyn is a real Credit to The Debt Advice Foundation and wish him good luck and success for his future. Cliff

Clifford, March 2020


I called as I have found myself in a pretty desperate situation financially. The advisor was very helpful, I do wish I had called when things started to go wrong really and I could have maybe done things a little differently! But thank you for the guidance on how the situation is now!

Matthew, March 2020


I called as we are a family of 6, We are living in private rented and over the past 12yrs have built up debt due to single income for this period of time. Recently the final blow came from HMRC when they had been paying us child benefit since 2013 and due to my income being in the high rate tax they now want it all back. I find we are stuck in a situation that families with a joint income can earn more than my single income and still be supported pay 20% Tax and receive help. A few little issues we faced with having to move house again and a car blowing up meant we had no option if we didn’t want to ruin the rest of our lifes. I read through facts online and found these people through the government website. I have nothing but praise for these people I felt like I was drowning and they are now helping me to float. I am only at the beginning but I am now hopeful on life again! Thank you

chris, January 2020


I am in debt and worried about how to sort this mess out. I contacted Money Advice Service who put me in contact with yourselves. Lauren went through my budget and offered advice on which way to proceed.

Sophia, November 2019


I am struggling to pay my debts currently, Martyn made me feel much better by being professional, friendly and non-judgmental during the whole process. Very helpful and professional.

Reece, November 2019


My financial situation drastically changed over the years and I ended up with debts that I could not manage. It started to affect all areas of my life including my health. That’s when I decided to contact Debt Advice Foundation. Wish I had done so earlier.

Parissa, November 2019


I felt out of control with our amount of debt and didn’t know how to control it, but your adviser was able to reassure me that it was manageable and how I can manage it better going forward. Really helped.

Jessica, September 2019


In debt with credit cards, Lauren helped me with budgeting and advice on repayments

Laura, September 2019


Martin was so amazingly helpful and put my mind at ease straight away. He gave me plenty of time to discuss my concerns and gave accurate advice which was what I was looking for. He has passed my details on to Payplan and I am awaiting a call from them within the next few days. I would like to say a big thank you to Martin for his excellent service and outstanding communication skills and for helping me to cope with my financial problems today.

Margaret, August 2019


Struggling with debt and suffer depression and anxiety. Justine was really helpful and put my mind at ease.

Dawn, August 2019


I was in so much debt with different creditors, I have been unable to sleep or eat properly and knew I needed help to resolve the difficulties I had got myself into. I feel so much better in having spoke to Martyn today who has been wonderful and not judged my situation.

FIONA, July 2019


I kept denying how bad my situation was, my wife was worried about her mother has she had Lung cancer and I do t like people to worry so kept everything to myself.

Karl, July 2019


I have let my debt situation run away with me for years. Today was the first time making any first steps.

Hugh, June 2019


I needed to update the details relating to the plan I had received previously because they affected the kind of help I was likely to need going forward. The adviser understood what was required and is acting on the conclusions we drew.

Paul, May 2019


I am in terrible debt and out of all the other advisory organisations yours looked the most promising. I had a good conversation with Stephen who called me back and was most courteous and professional and put me in the right direction.

Christopher, May 2019


I got myself in a bit of a financial mess but talking to DAF really helped. The adviser went through my debts and gave me sound advice on the payment options available to me. I will forever be grateful. Thank you Rachael and everyone at DAF.

Kenneth, April 2019


Very helpful in encouraging me to get and face the facts of my situation as well as advise me of a solution. It was such a relief to speak to Stephen today.

Amie, April 2019


Was terrified of my debts. Your adviser was excellent. She went through everything with me, then called me back within the hour with the best solution for me. She then emailed all the details through for me to proceed. Excellent service.

Lynne, December 2018


Debt advise was excellent. Mr Somerville was very sympathetic to my situation and has given me the right tools to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Joanne, November 2018


I found your number online when I was trying to get some advice about how to manage my debt and I called to enquire. The debt advisor I talked to, Martyn, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and throughout all our calls made me feel like he actually cared if I will get appropriate help. He provided excellent customer service!

Anna, October 2018


My wife and I ran up some considerable household debts. We spoke to Martyn who was very reassuring and clear with his advice on the options we had. He put us in touch with Payplan to negotiate with the creditors on our behalf and we’ve been impressed with his professional but sympathetic approach.

mark, October 2018


Spoke to just one person who was not only helpful but had a caring manner and a kindness in her voice.A big thankyou Lauren.

Paul, October 2018


I have spoken to Steve 3 nights in a row and he has been fantastic, really helpful and non judgemental. He has talked me through all the options and not made me feel like a failure.

Joanne, October 2018


i called the helpline after getting myself into quite a pickle – its fair to say I have been acting irresponsibly and recklessly to get into the situation I had. Stephen made me feel very comfortable talking about my debt and at all times reassured me that this can be handled and I am not alone. Really appreciate the effort made in calling me back and helping with all the ‘leg work’

cerith, October 2018


I felt that Justine Mcginnis was exceptional in the way that she imparted information and the sympathetic attitude that she had. I felt greatly relieved after I had spoken to her, and finally saw a way out of my problems.

Ronald, October 2018


Justine was very helpful kind and non judgemental, which put me completely at ease with her.

Barry, September 2018


debt management advice, advisers were extremely professional, knowledgeable and non judgemental. Cant thank them enough.

Julia, September 2018


I was looking for help getting my debt under control. Lauren was very helpful and patient. She made me feel at ease sharing such personal details. If only every person in the world was as lovely and helpful as she was, we’d have a much better world.

Georgia, August 2018


we were in very difficult circumstances for some years before we eventually found out about yourselves.

kuldip, August 2018


I called because i am financially going thru a very very difficult time and Justine helped me very calmly. She re assured me and listened to me which was very helpfull and calming as i already suffer with severy anxiety.

Adriaan, August 2018


I am considering bankruptcy options and was very happy with Lauren understanding my situation, her help and advice.

chris, July 2018


I’m very happy and very satisfied with the way the Advisor Rachael dealt with my case, very professional and very clear information, advice, recommendations and referral to you partner organisation. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and very helpful. 100%

Ben, July 2018


Unable to sustain repayments on my debt. Struggling to pay necessary household bills. This in turn was beginning to cause emotional distress & isolation, as unable to access any social gatherings due to fear of not having enough petrol to access my job.They were supportive of my situation & able to rationally discuss the options available to me.

Julie, July 2018


We have been struggling with large credit card debts. The adviser we spoke to was calm, non-judgmental, and helped me to think more clearly about how to manage our debts. She explored a number of options with us and when we had finally agreed that we needed to improve our ‘money management’ rather than take out anything more serious, she gave clear advice. I have already restructured our outgoings and this will make a real difference. I am very grateful.

Cathryn, July 2018


Found out about partners debts and didn’t know anything about managing debt. Martin was able to walk us through our expenditures and advice us on a best approach.

Ste, June 2018


I was really worried about being unemployed, and how to manage a loan and two credit card debts. The Gentleman who helped me was fantastic, and really took the time to explain things, and what I could do to help me with my worries.

Trevor, June 2018


I have a outstanding overdraft debt and I was looking for advise as to how I could pay it back on my current income. The adviser was very helpful with ideas to look at with regard to my finances. I was also advised on how to move forward with the debt recovery company

Elizabeth, June 2018


The pleasant, non-judgemental manner of the advisors was very helpful at a time of some stress.

Karl, May 2018


Martyn Sommerville was very helpful and had a very kind voice.

Emma, April 2018


Single mum facing troubling debts and income crisis – I needed help navigating this and in doing so I feel some hope for the future again

Victorian, March 2018


Needed help with my debt to loan companies, Lauren was very helpful and understanding when I talk to her, made me feel comfortable when talking to her, thank you.

Laura, March 2018


I lost my job suddenly and had a burnout for over a year. I started using my credit cards and then started borrowing to pay off debt. In the end I realised this was unsustainable and would lead to even more debt so I decided to seek help. Martyn was amazingly helpful and advised me all the way. I was extremely scared and he helped me to feel more supported and in better control of the situation. He explained the options clearly and helped me through each step of the way. Never ones did I feel judged.

Imraan, March 2018


Was very worried due to credit card debt and Lauren was very understanding, helpful and knowledgeable. After taking my information and compiling a summary she put me in touch with a local service that can help with my particular circumstances.

Melvyn, March 2018


I am in debt with some company because I took a loan and now I can not pay them back because I have no job and I’m on benefits With the help of now I can show to my debts company why I can not pay for the moment Thank you for the help and for the advice

Razvan, March 2018


I spoke with you because ive been drowning in an astronomical amount of debt for a while now. I was massively relieved to be told by you, that there was an appropriate debt solution available to me and i was very pleased with the outcome of the call.

Abelene, February 2018


Needed help and advice asap because for a while i was in a rut and needed advice has it was affecting my health and mentally so i found this great company and they was very helpful and patient and put intouch with the right people and got me on track i would recommend to anyone thankyou soo much.

Kelly, February 2018


Very helpful advise at a very stressful time

Karen, February 2018


I needed advice regarding debts I’d fallen behind on. I was able to talk through my situation step by step with the advisor who offered me solutions. I was very happy to be referred to Pay Plan to help me negotiate a way to manage and pay off my outstanding debt.

Helena, February 2018


Due to debt and being told differnt things from differnt companies. Lindsay was extrememly helpful, infact more helpful than i could imagine. I am truely grateful for the hard work she put in to help me with a satisfactory outcome for mine and my families future.

Nicola, January 2018


Obviously my time contacting you was a dark time for myself, but I can honestly say that the help I received from Justine McGinnis has helped me get my life back on track and to the place I am now. I’m grateful beyond words to her, and I cannot give her enough praise, an absolutely amazing person and definitely a valuable asset to your team. She made the unappealing, dreary task of managing my debt go from something I thought impossible to a very realistic and manageable situation. My deepest thanks to her.

Jordan, September 2017


The help and advice I received was excellent. If you are having financial problems Do Not hesitate to call. I was granted a debt relief order just nine weeks after my first call.

Julian, September 2017


We really appreciate all your help and advice at a difficult time for us. You made a real difference. Thank you.

Nick, May 2017


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