June 2012

Football League drops short term loans company Wonga as website sponsor

The Football League is to remove advertisements for short term loan company Wonga from its clubs' websites after signing a new sponsorship deal.

The move comes just three weeks before members of the Football Supporters Federation were due to vote on a motion calling for the lender's advertisements to be removed from club websites.

Stranded pensions – have you kept track of your pension accounts?

The “job for life” is long gone and many people now change job regularly, seeking promotion and a better salary.  But what about those company pension schemes you paid into for perhaps three or four years?  Have you kept track of them?

For thousands of people the answer is no, and it’s now estimated that there is £1.4billion lying in forgotten pension pots worth less than £5,000.  And that total is going to climb steadily - Government figures suggest that 4.7 million more small pension accounts will be added by 2050.