Southlands Pupils Become Money Mentors For ‘My Money Week’

Pupils at Southlands High School marked this year’s My Money Week by mentoring a group of primary pupils using Money Diaries, a classroom resource tackling financial issues written by Southlands students in partnership with Debt Advice Foundation.

Part of the My Money initiative, a three-year project funded by the Department for Education and led by PFEG (Personal Finance Education Group), My Money Week brings schools and their local communities together to learn more about managing money properly.

The Southlands students delivered the money management day from the school’s DAF funded Debt Education Centre, which received the PFEG Centre of Excellence accreditation earlier this year. Primary school children from across the region were invited to attend and learn about money from their peers in a fun, engaging and educational way.

Hannah, one of the Year 10 Southlands students delivering the session said: “I think learning from a student mentor is a good way for younger children to learn about money because they can relate to us and it’s not that long since we were their age. Money is one of those things you need to learn about – whatever you do in the future you are going to need to know how to handle money.”

The idea of having ‘money mentors’ also went down well with the primary pupils who attended. Alex, a Year 5 student from St Peter’s CE Primary School, said: “I enjoyed it because we normally have a normal teacher instead of a younger one. Having a Year 10 is better because they understand you a bit more.”

The session focussed on explaining the difference between wants and needs, with the Southlands pupils using fictitious diary exerts from the Money Diaries to explain the concepts of money management and debt in a realistic way.

Dennis Benson, Chairman of Debt Advice Foundation, thinks the session was just the start of something much bigger. He explained: “The teachers here are teaching the students, the students are teaching the primary school pupils, the primary school pupils are then going to teach their colleagues and so it goes on.”