MPs United In Call For Financial Education To Be Part Of The National Curriculum

Debt Advice Foundation has warmly welcoming today’s (15 December) debate in the House of Commons which called for financial education to be included in the national curriculum to help address the "national problem of irresponsible borrowing and personal insolvency".

A detailed report was also published ahead of the debate.

Dennis Benson, chairman of the debt advice charity which has pioneered tools and training to help teach young people about personal finance, said: “We are absolutely delighted to see the publication of this report and welcome the wholehearted support it received from today’s debate.

“Frankly it’s a disgrace that we don’t teach our young people more about personal finance. Understanding about managing money is hugely important – and not understanding can have tragic results.

“Our advisers hear the most dreadful stories every day from people who simply do not understand how to budget. And they get into terrible difficulties because they don’t realise the implications of, for example, taking on a high interest loan.

“We have developed a series of books and online tools with Southlands High School in Blackburn designed to help young people understand how to manage their money, and we hope that this new initiative to make financial education part of the school curriculum will bring work like this into schools throughout the country.”