Negative perceptions stop millions on low pay from claiming benefits, according to new research launching Benefits Awareness Month

A new survey of people on low incomes (less than £15,000 a year) has revealed a stark picture of their attitudes towards claiming benefits.  More than a third believe that benefits claimants should help themselves rather than rely on state support – and more than one in eight said they would rather cut back on essentials like food than claim benefits. 

Nearly a fifth of those surveyed did not consider themselves to be amongst the most vulnerable in society despite their low income, and said they had never claimed benefit nor had any intention of doing so.

More than 13 million people in the UK live below the poverty line, but only 5.4 million claim state support.  Some £19 billion in benefits is unclaimed every year.

The survey was commissioned by Turn2us, part of national charity Elizabeth Finn Care, to mark the launch of Benefits Awareness Month and to encourage people in financial need to check their potential entitlements.

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