Unsolicited calls from Debt Advice Foundation

Have you had a call from us that you didn’t ask for?

Please be aware that we have had a number of enquiries from members of the public to say they have missed a call from our 0800 helpline number, but we have not called them. 
It has been reported to us that someone is contacting people using number-spoofing technology, which makes it appear that the calls are coming from Debt Advice Foundation. You can read more about caller ID spoofing here.
We will never call you unless directly requested. Unfortunately there is very little we can do to prevent further instances and we are not clear as to what the fraudulent caller is trying to achieve. Please remember to never give out personal information to anyone over the telephone unless you are sure they are genuine. 
Any unsolicited calls from this number should be reported to Action Fraud immediately as it is a criminal matter.  
We apologise for any confusion or inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.