Only 20% of those at risk of crisis debt seek help

New research from the Money Advice Service has found one in six adults are at risk of crisis debt

With so many vulnerable to debt problems, there’s a good chance that you know someone struggling with debts. It’s not always easy to notice, but there are clues you can look out for.
Ask yourself if;
  • They have been in debt in the past
  • They have had an income shock such as having a baby or getting a divorce
  • They are living beyond their means or over spending 
  • They seem anxious, depressed or secretive 
  • They have changed their spending habits, by spending more or less than they used to
  • They seem tired or are having trouble sleeping
  • Their weight has altered suddenly
If you think you know someone with financial difficulties, let them know they aren’t alone- there is easily accessible free debt advice available that can help them get their finances back on track.
Research by the Money Advice Service shows that debt advice works. Within three months of receiving debt advice, two-thirds of people are either repaying their debts or have already fully cleared them, three-quarters say they feel less stressed about their finances and two-thirds are sleeping better.
Our free, confidential debt helpline is open 6 days a week. Call 0800 043 40 50.