How can I improve my credit score?

If you’ve looked at our what is a credit report and how do I check my credit rating pages, you may now be considering how you can achieve or maintain a good credit score. Whilst each credit reference agency holds slightly different information about you, there are some general things you can do to improve hw creditors will view you.

  • Register to vote (having a validated residence is important)
  • Check your credit file and report any inaccuracies to the credit reference agency.
  • Always pay your bills on time.   Falling behind on payments will flag you as higher risk.
  • Ensure all your accounts are registered to the correct address.
  • Try to avoid only paying the minimum monthly payment on your credit cards as this is indicative that you're struggling financially.
  • Try not to use all of the credit you have available to you.  Doing so will signal to the lenders that you are heavily reliant on credit.
  • Cancel any credit accounts you don't use.
  • Don't withdraw cash from credit cards as it's expensive and is often regarded as being indicative of poor money management skills .

If you need advice about debt, please call the charity’s debt advice helpline on 0800 043 40 50 to speak to an adviser.