What fees can a bailiff (enforcement agent) charge?

A bailiff's fees depend on the level of the debt involved.  The fees generally fall into two categories, below £1,500 and above £1,500.

If the debt is less than £1,500 then the fees are likely to be:

  • £75 instruction fee (your case being sent to the bailiff)
  • £235 for a bailiff visit (if you ignore their letters)
  • £110 for removing and selling goods from your property

You’ll also have to pay any other costs the bailiff may incur such as using a locksmith.

If the debt is greater than £1,500, in addition to the above costs, you’ll also be charged a percentage of your debt each time a bailiff visits you.

You can challenge a bailiff's fees if you think they’ve charged you for something they haven’t done.  See CAB's making a bailiff complaint guide for more information.