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Debt Advice Foundation believes that the complex nature of the financial services sector often increases the risk of consumer financial detriment, meriting much greater levels of scrutiny and protection from policy and law-makers.

As an organisation that deals with the consequences of financial malpractice on a daily basis, we believe we are well placed to represent the interests of financial services users, which we do in a number of ways.


APPG on Debt and Personal Finance

We are affiliate members of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Debt and Personal Finance.

Click here to read more about the APPG, whose purpose is “to provide a forum for MPs and peers to discuss debt and personal finance issues; to monitor legislative developments in this area; and to provide an opportunity for liaison between Members and consumer organisations with an interest in these issues.”


APPG on Financial Education for Young People

We are registered supporters of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Financial Education for Young People.

Click here to read more about the APPG, whose purpose is “to provide a medium through which MPs, Peers and organisations with an interest in financial education can discuss the current provision of financial education in schools; ensure young people are equipped to make informed financial decisions; help make resources and qualifications available to young people in education or training; support schools in the delivery of financial capability; and encourage the introduction of a requirement on schools to provide financial education. “



Public consultations play a crucial role in giving financial services users a voice with regulators and law-makers.  They allow organisations such as Debt Advice Foundation to pass on firsthand experiences of financial detriment as well as recommendations for improvements to existing legislation.  The charity regularly gives evidence to regulatory authorities such as the Competition and Markets Authority, the Insolvency Service and the Financial conduct Authority.


Framework for ethical debt advice

Click here to find out more about Debt Advice Foundation’s blueprint for ethical advice and sustainable solutions.

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